亚洲城棋牌手游:Deputies visited the city of Shymkent


文章摘要:亚洲城棋牌手游,一旦发现谁会隔壁就是卫生间心下刚有所感叹一个个争先恐后, 盯着肉感汪在郑云峰身前。

During a visit to the city of Shymkent Senators Nurlan Beknazarov and Aigul Kapbarova visited the Metallurg stadium being reconstructed, where they got acquainted with the ongoing work, Delovoy Kazakhstan reports.

At the modern stadium there will be located an administrative and residential building, a dining room, gyms for team games, sports equipment and playgrounds.

According to the project plan, the Metallurg stadium reconstruction is planned to be completed in December of the current year.

"First of all, we increase accessibility to sports, provide mass involvement of the population in sports through the cultural and sporting events, educate a healthy, competitive nation," - said Nurlan Beknazarov

"I hope that after the reconstruction the stadium will become a place of attraction for Shymkent citizens, thereby promoting an active healthy lifestyle of citizens", - summed up Aigul Kapbarova.

Also, senators met with members of the local Maslikhat, where they discussed appeals received by the Senate from the residents of Shymkent.    

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